Does my writing suck?

I’ve been having difficulties making it in the business. The recent news of some One Direction fan bitch landing a book deal based on her damn fan fiction on Wattpad has struck me the wrong way. I wonder, why is it that I can’t get even a toenail on the door, when others can get it almost instantaneously? It horrified me. It depresses me. It makes me think that my only employable skill isn’t worth a damn, and that all the years I spent writing, reading, and honing my craft were all for naught. So, does my writing suck? I don’t want to day that it does, of course, but from what I’ve experienced, it’s not even good enough for trashy fan fiction. I may come across as negative, but it’s because writing is everything to me, and I can’t help but be discouraged when I face setbacks in my chosen profession. I desperately want and need to be a success. Writing is the only thing that I know that I can do, and now I’m doubting my talents, if I had any to begin with. What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?


Thank you for reading my novel.

Thank you for reading my novel, because it took me three years to complete the damn manuscript. I’ve been busy with other projects, and my adventures in self-publishing have yielded no fruit at all, not even a bud of a blossom. (Are they the same thing or different things? Biology was terrible for me in high school.)

This blog will still be in use, only now I plan on using it to chronicle my adventures in the promotion and the publishing of “Saint Graziano the Good”. That could take years, so stay tuned.