New Chapter Titles

I’ve created some new chapter titles for my book, except for Chapter 02 through 04. Here they are:

Chapter 01: So, This is Christmas

Chapter 02: The Tenth Circle of Hell

Chapter 03: The B-Words (Bullies, Bitches, Bodybuilding, and Bereavement)

Chapter 04: Evan Smart

Chapter 05: The Beginning of the End

Chapter 06: Happy Birthday to ME and ONLY ME

Chapter 07: No Goodbye, No Farewell, and Yes to Good Riddance

Chapter 08: Thanksgiving Weekend

Chapter 09: Teachers and Tyrants

Chapter 10: 600 Queens Quay West

Chapter 11: The Intake

Chapter 12: No Saints and No Souls Day

Chapter 13: The Return of Mykhaylo Karbanenko

Chapter 14: We’re Not Family

Chapter 15: Date Night in Toronto

Chapter 16: Melanie Globes

Chapter 17: Worst. Dream. Ever.

Chapter 18: Shoppers’ Drug Brawl

Chapter 19: Sunday Dinner, Ukrainian Style

Chapter 20: Job and Community Hunting

Chapter 21: Canada’s Next Top Male Model?

Chapter 22: Mother of the Year

Chapter 23: Feel Like Making Love for the First Time

Chapter 24: Like Water for Chocolate is NOT a Pornographic Novel

Chapter 25: The House on Ascot and Nairn

Chapter 26: Intimate Portrait: Nadine and Joseph Buonfiglio

Chapter 27: The “Model” and the “Role Model”

Chapter 28: (Some Women Are) Bitches on Ice

Chapter 29: I Hate Earl Haig Secondary School

Chapter 30: Murder, They Wrote

Chapter 31: Dinner is Served, But What About Revenge?

Chapter 32: The Feast of Saint Lucia

Chapter 33: Murder, They TRIED to Write (But NOT This Time)

Chapter 34: A Gift Delayed is Not a Gift Denied

Chapter 35: The Kidnapping

Chapter 36: The Christmas Eve Showdown

Chapter 37: …And What Have I Done?

The Epilogue will remain as is. I’m also thinking of changing the title of the book. “Saint Graziano the Good” sounds a little too bland and cumbersome for this story. I want a title that says, “Pick me up, read me, buy me, and read me some more!” The cover should also do that, but that’s for another day.

While I’m mainly working on poetry these days, I’ve every intention of writing a second novel. I wonder what that will be?


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