Query Letter for “Saint Graziano the Good”

Last year, after I finished my novel, I sent out the following query letter:


When Graziano Buonfiglio’s family disowns him, he sets out to reclaim his life… even though they want to end it.

A lifetime of physical and emotional abuse, along with the unsolved deaths of his grandparents and boyfriend, leaves Graziano Buonfiglio enduring the continuous wrath of his family in Brampton, Ontario. Following his latest suicide attempt, his family banishes him from their lives. Graziano heads back to his hometown of Toronto and moves in with his former English professor.

For the first time in years, Graziano flourishes personally and professionally. As his professor provides him much-needed stability and support, he makes new friends and reconnects with old ones, and even contemplates a career in modeling. But as his lot in life improves, the clouds from his past are always present.

After his family discovers him alive and thriving, much to their displeasure, they begin a covert war against him. Graziano soon learns the shocking truth behind the deaths of his loved ones, and as Christmas approaches, he and his friends come under threat. Before it is too late, Graziano must save them and himself from becoming casualties.

SAINT GRAZIANO THE GOOD is a 63,000-word LGBT Fiction/Adult Contemporary novel. Below is the first chapter of the book. The full manuscript is available upon request. Thank you for your consideration.


Alex D. Sarmiento

I e-mailed 20 potential agents across the US and Canada. Unfortunately, I did not get a single response in my favor. Some of them did not respond at all, and those that did told me that my material wasn’t right for their agency. I felt so defeated that I pretty much gave up.

A year later, I plan on going through the same rigmarole again.


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