Saint Graziano the Good: A novel three years in the making

This is not an ordinary blog, and this is not an ordinary novel. Saint Graziano the Good is the result of three years of writing, editing, research, and stress. The manuscript was completed in March 2012, and after failed attempts at self-publishing and agent searches, I have decided to go back to where it all began (WordPress) and show my work to the world.

The following is part of my failed query letter. It will show you what the novel is about:

A lot can happen in three months. Just ask Graziano Buonfiglio.

It is October 2009. 28 year old Graziano Buonfiglio has been living with his parents in a Toronto suburb for almost five years. His parents have long hated him, and for years have taken a sick pleasure in bullying him. To make things worse, he is haunted by the mysterious deaths of his grandparents and boyfriend. On the night of his birthday, he tries to take his own life. The following day, his family decides to kick him out for good. Graziano then relocates to Toronto and moves in with his former English professor. 

On All Saints Day, Graziano runs into his family at a cemetery. Despite their bullying, he stands up to them. For the first time in years, Graziano flourishes professionally and personally. As his professor provides him with much-needed stability and support, he makes new friends and reconnects with old ones, and even contemplates a modeling career. Despite his successes, the memories of his past are always with him, affecting everything in his life, including a budding romance.

As Christmas approaches, the Buonfiglios plan to get rid of him once and for all. Soon, Graziano learns the shocking truth behind the deaths of his loved ones, and when his friends are all attacked within hours of each other, Graziano fears for his life. Before it is too late, Graziano must save his friends and himself from becoming casualties, even if it results in more shocking secrets revealed. 

Before I go further, here is a list of the seven main and supporting characters in this novel:

PROTAGONIST: Graziano Buonfiglio


  • Joseph Buonfiglio (his father)
  • Nadine Buonfiglio (nee degli Angeli) (his mother)
  • Charlotte Buonfiglio (his sister)


  • Brandon Gutensohn (Graziano’s university English professor)
  • Mykhaylo Karbanenko (Graziano’s high school friend)
  • Dr. Claire Breedlove (Graziano’s therapist)

And so, I present to you, Saint Graziano the Good. Enjoy.


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